When I find something I enjoy, I go all in!

In 2011 I was introduced to the PASS community. The people I met in 2011, and at subsequent PASS events have been incredibly supportive and now form the core of my “tribe”. With a fantastic start like that, I had to get more involved.

Starting in 2012, I created my own User Group. With regular attendance of around ten members, I thought I had done quite well considering I live and work in a rural part of British Columbia with no major cities anywhere close. We had a great group of people and again, PASS was facilitating a fantastic business and personal experience.

By 2014, my work in the PASS community was being recognized and I was asked to become the PASS regional mentor for Canada. Again, I had the pleasure of working with more people in the PASS community and was impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of the community.

This year, Adam Jorgensen will be leaving the PASS Board. He brought financial and business experience which helped diversify the perspectives of the Board. This vacancy, as well as my years of PASS evangelism led to me being asked to put my hat in the ring for this year’s election.

After much research, and more than a little canvassing of opinions, I decided that I could bring some useful skills and unique perspective to the PASS Board. I was not interested in running for election if I did not have something valuable that I could contribute. If the Board was already full of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with proven financial, legal, communication, and business experience, I would sit this election out. As it stands, there are many enthusiastic and dedicated Board Members that I look forward to working with. Each of them bring much needed skills and experience, and contribute in their own way to ensuring a diversity of opinion on the Board.

My experience as an entrepreneur, with strong skills in communication, law, and accounting, will only strengthen the ability of the PASS Board to be effective and responsive to the community it serves. For all these reasons, I am running to represent this great community at the Board level. I welcome your input and look forward to continuing to help build a fantastic PASS community.

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