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TDSP Lifecycle – Wrap-up

Microsoft in the News   Today’s installment is all about a not-so-new buzzword(s):  Intelligent Edge. The Intelligent Edge refers to a place, like the cutting edge.  The Intelligent Edge is where the action is.  This can refer to the smart watch on your wrist, a sensor placed in a vineyard, a monitor under the hood […]

TDSP Lifecycle – Client Acceptance

Microsoft in the News Microsoft Canada and the British Columbia Cancer Foundation have partnered to take a radical approach to cancer research.  By taking advantage of Microsoft’s AI and Azure, BC cancer researchers hope to accelerate the pace of research into some very complex problems. The BC Cancer Foundation is applying a new approach called […]

TDSP Lifecycle – Deployment

Microsoft in the News Not that long ago, Microsoft deployed three business apps to supplement Microsoft 365 Premium.  They are:  Listings, Connections, and Invoicing.  In case you missed them, here is a brief rundown of what they do: Listings Microsoft Listings is a dashboard that allows you to manage your business information across Facebook, Google, […]

TDSP Modeling part 2

Microsoft in the News Are you using Microsoft Edge?  You might want to give it a try.  The standard joke about Microsoft Edge is that all it is good for is to download Chrome or Firefox.  It is going to be very difficult for Microsoft to overcome this global bias, but they seem to be […]

TDSP Lifecycle – Modeling

Microsoft in the News A year ago, Microsoft launched AI for Earth in London pledging $2 million towards the effort.  The goal of AI for Earth is to provide AI and cloud tools to researchers working on the frontlines of environmental challenges.  That areas covered are agriculture, water, biodiversity and climate change. Over the course […]

TDSP Lifecycle – Data Acquisition and Understanding

Microsoft in the News In one of my previous blogs, I talked briefly about the rate of change in our industry and how hard it is to keep up.  You really have to pick your battles.  There are so many industry changing technologies being developed that you cannot possibly be current in a handful of […]

TDSP Lifecycle – How to Ask a Question (Part 4)

This will be the last blog post dealing with data science from a general perspective.  Today we will look at steps 6 and 7 in the DS diagram   Answer the Question Now for the fun part: machine learning!  Or not.  The reason I say “or not” is because now that you have your data […]

TDSP Lifecycle – How to Ask a Question (Part 3)

Today, in this unconscionably long side bar, I will look at step five in our DS diagram. Transform the Features   At this point you are chomping at the bit to start playing with some machine learning algorithms on Azure.  That is the sort of thing that we geeks live for!  But you have one […]

TDSP Lifecycle – How to Ask a Question (Part 2)

In my last blog, we looked at steps 1 and 2 in the following diagram: In this episode of the continuing saga that is data science (the general stuff, not TDSP), we will look at parts 3 and 4. Put the Data in a Table Neither you, nor an AI can work with un-structured data.  […]

TDSP Lifecycle – How to Ask a Question (Part 1)

In my last blog, I said that I would, as a side bar, look at the art of asking questions in a Data Science (“DS”) process.  This is that blog.  To keep it in context, I have decided to follow through with an overview of the DS process, so this side bar will be four […]