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Auto-Failover Groups for Azure SQL Hyperscale Tier

I am not sure if many of my readers are aware but I am a fan of the work that Davide Mauri, and his team at Microsoft do on the Azure SQL Hyperscale team. I have had the pleasure of working with Davide through the MVP program and he is truly one of the more […]

Resource Pool – Types

Microsoft in the News Microsoft Issues a Warning about its AI Microsoft is investing heavily in AI. In fact, investment in AI was cited in their latest public filing as one of the main reasons its operating expenses have increased by 23% for the Intelligent Cloud unit in the past six months. That is an […]

Resource Pool – Physical I/O

Microsoft in the News Civility Online Did you know that the world has never been a better place than it is today? You can be forgiven for not thinking so, after all, we are inundated daily with news of how terrible things are. All that news gives us a false sense of the world. If […]

Resource Governor – Where to Start

Microsoft in the News On January 29th, 2019, Microsoft announced the launch of a compliance and privacy tool that you can access in a specialized workspace. The Microsoft 365 Compliance Tool gives you a dashboard where you can access tools to ensure your compliance with privacy regulations like the GDPR. Features and tools like sensitivity […]

Resource Governor Fundamentals

Microsoft in the News If you are like me, you love using your Microsoft Surface. I know many of you who use a surface at work and have your own for home. Some of you even have a Surface Laptop. For those of you who would like to extend the pleasure of using these devices […]


Microsoft in the News Continuing with the theme of intelligent retail from my last blog, Microsoft announced new capabilities for Teams for Firstline Workers. There are new mobile Teams features that are customizable to make it easier for front line workers to connect with others in the store, or throughout the organization, and gives them […]

What is Unicode?

Microsoft in the News 2019 is starting with a lot of buzz about “intelligent retail”. More and more, companies are taking advantage of AI in the cloud to ensure their customers are getting the right experience. Everything to do with retail is being reimagined. Retailers are embracing the idea that everyone with a smartphone is […]

64 bit, Importing from dBase or other DBF files

Microsoft in the News On January 10th, Bob Evans, contributor to Forbes magazine, crowned Satya Nadella the CEO of the year in the area of cloud computing.  In the scant four years that Mr. Nadella has been at the helm, he has transformed Microsoft, and in doing so, more than doubled its market cap. But […]