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TDSP Lifecycle – Wrap-up

Microsoft in the News   Today’s installment is all about a not-so-new buzzword(s):  Intelligent Edge. The Intelligent Edge refers to a place, like the cutting edge.  The Intelligent Edge is where the action is.  This can refer to the smart watch on your wrist, a sensor placed in a vineyard, a monitor under the hood […]

Data Lake Store

Before I get into the topic at hand, I’d like to bring you up to date on some Microsoft news you may not have heard. For years now, Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been the gold standard for the Internet as a Service (IaaS) industry. In fact, most experts have declared them the dominant winner […]

Overview of Azure Analytics offerings

In June, Microsoft announced that it would pay $26.2 billion to purchase LinkedIn. They paid a 50% premium over LinkedIn’s share price – a price that had been plummeting due to their substantial losses. This was the third largest corporate acquisition in history. Analysts have been scratching their heads trying to justify this purchase. Despite […]

Crown yourself the Data Analytics Ruler

The Internet of Things is not living up to its hype. In 2014, as the anticipation of everything being connected was reaching its zenith, Google purchased Nest for $3.2 billion, thinking that this was going to be their foot in the door to everyone’s smart home. It turns out that people aren’t that interested in […]

Algorithms part one seeing the forest thru the trees

As you peruse your options in Azure ML, it is helpful to understand what it is you are looking at. For those of us who are not Data Scientists this world has a lot of new language and processes to learn. Understanding how and when to use the various types of ML algorithms is your […]

Machine Learning in Azure

Azure has a built-in machine learning package that will help you find patterns and trends in your data. Using these predictive analytics, you can tweak your applications to better serve your clients. It is an exciting time to be in technology! Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (ML) is a set analytical tools within Azure. It used […]