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Algorithms part one seeing the forest thru the trees

As you peruse your options in Azure ML, it is helpful to understand what it is you are looking at. For those of us who are not Data Scientists this world has a lot of new language and processes to learn. Understanding how and when to use the various types of ML algorithms is your […]

Getting Started with Azure Machine Learning

It is time to play! A good place to start is by downloading the Azure Machine Learning Studio Overview diagram. Download the diagram here: Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio Capabilities Overview (Keep this diagram handy as you navigate your way around the Learning Studio). As mentioned in a previous post, you can try Azure ML […]

Azure Machine Learning Studio (ML Studio)

To make it easy for you to work with Azure ML, Microsoft built the Azure Machine Learning Studio (ML Studio). This is a drag-and-drop environment where you go to build, test and run your predictive analytics. The data can be loaded in one of several ways. One way is to use the Reader module. The […]