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Azure Data Catalog – Glossary setup

Microsoft in the News If you are like me, you saw the upcoming augmented reality technology as mainly something for gaming or for consumers looking for additional information and connection – think, Oculus, Magic Leap, and Google glass. Then I read that the Swedish company Tetra Pak is using Microsoft’s HoloLens to help their Service […]

Azure Data Catalog – Tagging

Microsoft in the News Did you know that Microsoft has something called “Cognitive Services”? They are currently working on 25 Cognitive Services that they will be making available to you soon. These services allow you to build apps using Microsoft’s machine learning algorithms, using just a few lines of code. For now, they have three […]

Azure Data Catalog – Saved search

Microsoft in the News The Internet of Things (“IoT”) ranks right up there with 3D printing and AI as something that is going to transform the way we live. Today, opening a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label will activate a sensor built into the label which sends a message to you using a smartphone’s […]

Azure Data Catalog – Search functionality

Microsoft in the News J.D. Power and Associates recently released their survey on Tablet satisfaction. Microsoft’s Surface tablet came out on top in many categories, but most surprising was that overall, consumers were more satisfied with their Surface than they were with iPads. According to J.D. Power, the Microsoft Surface has “expanded what tablets can […]

Azure Data Catalog – Search function Basics

Online video games used to treat perinatal stroke Globally, 3.5 million babies suffer from a perinatal stroke every year. These strokes cause a varying level of motor impairments. Francesca and Roberto had a son, Mario, who ended up being one of these 3.5 million babies. As Mario grew up, they discovered that there was very […]

Azure Data Catalog – Information panel Tabs

Microsoft in the News – Azure Functions On February 23, Microsoft announced preview support for the Azure Functions Serverless Framework plugin. Azure Functions allows you to easily run small pieces of code (“functions”) in the cloud. Using Azure Functions, you can quickly write the code you need, without worrying about the application as a whole. […]

Azure Data Catalog – Details Panel

Microsoft in the news – The SharePoint Virtual Summit For those of you who live on SQL, but also work with SharePoint, Microsoft is putting on a FREE SharePoint Virtual Summit on May 16, 2017. This year, the emphasis will be on how to take advantage of SharePoint, OneDrive and the rest of the Office […]

Azure Data Catalog – Toolbar

Microsoft in the News – Microsoft is helping with your customer churn rate. As any business manager worth their weight in spam knows, keeping a customer is a lot less expensive than finding a new customer. In fact, it has been estimated that in the retail business, it is five times less expensive. That is […]