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TDSP Lifecycle – Wrap-up

Microsoft in the News   Today’s installment is all about a not-so-new buzzword(s):  Intelligent Edge. The Intelligent Edge refers to a place, like the cutting edge.  The Intelligent Edge is where the action is.  This can refer to the smart watch on your wrist, a sensor placed in a vineyard, a monitor under the hood […]

Lifelong Learning

Microsoft in the News: Back in 2014, Microsoft purchased Minecraft for $2.5 Billion. On January 19, 2016, they introduced us to Minecraft: Education Edition. Microsoft took a game enjoyed by millions of kids and turned it into a learning experience.  It is still the same fun world that attracted so many people to it in […]

Introduction to HDInsight

Again, I would like to start by bringing you up to date on some Microsoft news you may not have heard. According to a recent Microsoft news release, out of the almost $12 billion they spent on R&D in 2015, over $1 billion was dedicated to “cybersecurity efforts”. With their focus on developing Azure, clients […]

Data Lake Store

Before I get into the topic at hand, I’d like to bring you up to date on some Microsoft news you may not have heard. For years now, Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been the gold standard for the Internet as a Service (IaaS) industry. In fact, most experts have declared them the dominant winner […]

Data Lakes: What are they, and what are they used for

“Data Lakes” is a term that was coined in the last decade. This form of storage grew with the advent of Big Data. The name, and the analogy were both coined by James Dixon, CTO for Pentaho. The idea behind a Data Lake is to have a place to store massive amounts of raw data […]

A new definition for consultant

At a client site this week I was asked, “Who are you?” This was in the context of who is your company and what do you do? I am always prepared for this question. I have my 3 min “elevator pitch” that I give to people I meet at conferences (sometimes even in elevators), and […]