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Azure Blockchain As A Service

Microsoft in the News On March 12, Microsoft announced that the Azure Cosmos DB Data Explorer is now available to everyone via the Azure portal. The Data Explorer brings together under a single service the functionality previously found in Document Explorer, Query Explorer, and Script Explorer. The consolidation of these functions means that each of […]

Forget Bitcoin, Blockchain Has a Lot More to Offer

  In case you need some more prodding to get onto Azure and start playing with Microsoft’s BaaS offering, I want to continue this series by talking about 2 areas that Blockchain evangelists are most excited about (spoiler: it isn’t Bitcoin). A few blogs ago, I gave you a list of areas where those working […]

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Microsoft in the News           Blockchain Smart Contracts As I have discussed, Blockchain creates a distributed ledger that cannot be tampered with.  That in itself has opened up possibilities for banking, insurance, securities, government, and many more industries.  The other thing I have mentioned is the Smart Contract which is an […]

Coco Azure

Microsoft in the News     Coco Azure Microsoft’s Coco Framework is not itself a blockchain protocol.  Coco is the trusted foundation upon which blockchain protocols such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Sawtooth, and Corda are integrated.  Thus, Coco delivers an enterprise ready blockchain solution. The Coco Framework in Microsoft’s Azure cloud allows organizations to quickly ramp […]

Blockchain In Practice

Microsoft in the News       Blockchain In Practice   Blockchain has been working without a major issue since 2009.  In August of 2010 a vulnerability was found and over 1 billion Bitcoins were created in a single transaction.  Within hours, the exploit was spotted and reversed.  The vulnerability was patched, and the network forked […]