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Blockchain Smart Contracts

Microsoft in the News           Blockchain Smart Contracts As I have discussed, Blockchain creates a distributed ledger that cannot be tampered with.  That in itself has opened up possibilities for banking, insurance, securities, government, and many more industries.  The other thing I have mentioned is the Smart Contract which is an […]

Blockchain In Practice

Microsoft in the News       Blockchain In Practice   Blockchain has been working without a major issue since 2009.  In August of 2010 a vulnerability was found and over 1 billion Bitcoins were created in a single transaction.  Within hours, the exploit was spotted and reversed.  The vulnerability was patched, and the network forked […]

Blockchain Works!

Microsoft in the News           Blockchain Works! The birds eye view of the Blockchain process is as follows: A transaction is requested. The request is transmitted to the world wide network of computers called “nodes”. The network of nodes verifies the transaction as well as the status of the person requesting […]