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Algorithms Part 2 – Neural network, SVMs and Bayesian

To round out the algorithms this week we will look more deeply at Neural network, SVMs and Bayesian algorithms. Neural Network algorithms are used when the result you are looking for is a moving target and there are a large number of possible inputs, none of which have a strong individual correlation to the final result.  Programmers […]

Algorithms part one seeing the forest thru the trees

As you peruse your options in Azure ML, it is helpful to understand what it is you are looking at. For those of us who are not Data Scientists this world has a lot of new language and processes to learn. Understanding how and when to use the various types of ML algorithms is your […]

Types of Algorithms

I talked  recently about the process of choosing the right algorithm involving a lot of trial and error. Using the Algorithm Cheat Sheet provided by Microsoft is a great start, but, having a basic understanding of how the various algorithms work will certainly help guide you towards the one that is right for your situation. There […]