Summit next week! What is your plan?

The countdown is on to SQLPASS Summit 2014, the SQL Server event of the year. If you are like me then you have been resting, and planning for quite some time. For us introverts, this mega event takes all our energy and requires months of cajoling and rest for us to make our best impressions and prepare mentally for the noise excitement and most of all networking. I am sure you have read blogs, articles and websites about how to get the most out of PASS. I have not missed a PASS Summit since I started going in 2011. Every year I read all that I can from the experts and alumni to get ideas of what to see and which events to attend.  The list of things to do is endless. It is almost impossible to do it all! Trust me on this, I have tried

This year, I am offering my little bit of advice to the mass of information that can be found on the topic. This year I intend to try something new, instead of trying to do everything, I will try to do many things, but do it all with purpose!  What does with purpose mean? Well…

Purpose – an intended or desired result.

Every year I have many sessions I want to see, as well as meetings, parties and community events. What will be different is that I will have a purpose for each thing I do; a result in mind. For the event its self I have a purpose as well, create a relationship with a mentor. The last 4 years it was fun to have fun, as Dr. Seuss would say, and learn as much as I could. This has worked well for me as I have learned a tremendous amount that has benefited both me and my employers over the years. Now it is time for me to accomplish specific things, not just take in everything I can.

I have a new career path since last year and I am now in the BI world. I have realized just how different it is from being a DBA, so my learning goals are focused around the BI sessions and I am excited to experience this new area of SQL Server. I have also determined it is time to have a mentor; I have had people I rely on and have asked advice from in the past but not a true mentor who can help guide my path. When I network, I will focus on specific relationships I want to foster that will be beneficial to both people. After four years I am finally starting to realize that I do have skills to offer to the community, so it is my goal to start giving back.  Even if that is just a smile as I walk the halls of the convention center next week on my way to my next session!

What is your purpose?

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