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Despite having abundant technology, it is still sometimes hard for people to avoid paper and pen when it comes to to-do lists. Companies have been working on weaning us from paper in this area for decades, and they are still trying to make it easier.

Case in point: On January 25th, Microsoft announced that in a few regions (Canada not included!), Microsoft To-Do has been integrated with Cortana. You can now use Cortana on any device to add to or organize your life across Outlook and To-Do. Through the cloud, everything is automatically synced.

So, are you ready to give up your notepad?

For tips and tutorials, I suggest a search on YouTube.

If you prefer to read your tutorials, check out this blog:

Resource Governor

Have you ever had one of those days when SQL Server is running too fast?

For most of us, that is a very nice problem to have, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a problem.

That was the problem I was having when I was trying to put together a demo. I needed to slow down some processes, so I was able to get some screen shots in between the running the query and getting the result. I loaded SQL Server Resource Governor to help me with my “problem”. This is of course not the general use for SQL Server Resource Governor (“Resource Governor”), but it worked as advertised and I was able to get the screen shots I needed.

Normally Resource Governor is used to ensure SQL Server is not adversely impacting other distinct processes taking place on the same server. One example for this scenario is when you are running a test data base on the same server as production and you cannot steal too many resources from production.

Resource Governor can be used to:

  • allocate CPU time,
  • allocate physical IO,
  • allocate memory,

You are able to change any or all of these allocations in real time with minimal impact on executing workloads. In addition, each job can be managed independently allowing you to prioritize critical work.

SQL Server Resource Governor is only available in the Enterprise version SQL Server for on prem and only available in Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Managed Instance in Azure.  It is a tool that should be in every DBA’s kit. In my next blog I will review some important concepts you will need in order to understand and properly deploy Resource Governor.

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