Resource Governor – Where to Start

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On January 29th, 2019, Microsoft announced the launch of a compliance and privacy tool that you can access in a specialized workspace. The Microsoft 365 Compliance Tool gives you a dashboard where you can access tools to ensure your compliance with privacy regulations like the GDPR. Features and tools like sensitivity and retention labels can be tweaked to help you ensure the required levels of privacy are being maintained.

An overview of this workspace can be found here:

Resource Governor – Where to Start

SQL Server Resource Governor (“Resource Governor”) is part of SQL Server and by default, it is turned off. You can access Resource Governor via the SQL Server Management Studio or via Transact-SQL. You must have Control Server permission in order to enable Resource Governor.

Before you enable Resource Governor, you should start by defining Classifications, Workload Groups and Resource Pools. You can configure the Resource Governor when it is still disabled and then have it applied only when you enable it. By turning Resource Governor on without first configuring it, the defaults will all be applied. All new sessions will pass through the Classifier and the default resource limits will be enforced. Requests that existed prior turning Resource Governor on will be affected by changes to configurations made when the Resource Governor was off.

There are two different ways to enable Resource Governor. You can use Transact-SQL, Or the GUI


Using Transact-SQL, run the following statement:



Resource Governor Properties GUI

Open Object Explorer and then expand the Management node. Right-click Resource Governor and choose Properties. In the Resource Governor Properties page, choose the Enable Resource Governor box and then click OK.

In my next blog I will walk you through the process of turning the Resource Governor off.

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