Resource Governor – How to Turn it Off

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There has always been a disconnect between a user who would like to see some kind of software built and the overworked programmer who must translate layman speak (mixed with their own specialized knowledge and vocabulary) into geek speak, and finally into code.

Microsoft is working hard to make it easy for the user to build their own vision of what is needed. By making the Power Platform approachable and accessible even to lay people, Microsoft is empowering the people with the hands-on experience to transform their own business processes.

For a great overview of how The Power Platform brings Power BI, Power Apps and Flow together, as well as some feel-good success stories about how non-tech people have successfully used The Power Platform, follow the link, and enjoy the article.

Resource Governor – How to Turn it Off

Now that you have Resource Governor up and running, you may find out that things aren’t as rosy as the shiny brochure may have led you to believe. If the classifier function was not properly written, you may have succeeded in slowing everything down. It is also possible that in slowing down certain sessions, those sessions may now hold onto resources for longer than expected which can cause problems for other scheduled sessions. So, if you find that launching Resource Governor has created more or different problems, you may want to shut it down until you can figure out how to reconfigure it, so it becomes a help instead of a hinderance.

When you turn SQL Server Resource Governor off, all the incoming sessions will be dealt with according to the defaults previously set. Since the classifier function will no longer be running, all new connections will be shunted into the default workload group and system-initiated requests will be shunted to the internal workload group.

With Resource Governor off, if an event reaches the limits of the available resources, everything will of course slow down.

You are able to make changes to the Resource Governor Configuration when it is off. The changes you make will be implemented when you turn Resource Governor back on.

Just like when turning Resource Governor on, you will need CONTROL SERVER permission, and you have two options for turning it off: Transact-SQL, or Resource Governor Properties (GUI)


Using Transact-SQL, run the following statement:



Resource Governor Properties

Open Object Explorer and then expand the Management node. Right-click Resource Governor and choose Properties. In the Resource Governor Properties page, choose the Enable Resource Governor box to un-select it, and then click OK.

In my next blog I will talk about allocating CPU usage.

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