PASS Summit

PASS Summit is next week November 5-8.  This is the largest data conference in the world for the Microsoft Data Platform.  Every year 6,000 of my friends and I descend on Seattle to learn, network and make new friends. People come to this conference from over 52 different countries and although Canada is one of the closest, we will only field perhaps 200 people at the event. 

Because 200 people can easily be lost in a crowd of 6,000, it can be hard to find  us sometimes.  The last few years I have reserved space at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch on the Tuesday before summit for Canadians to meet, chat and network.  In true Canadian fashion, we are a very inclusive group and are happy for anyone interested in hockey, doughnuts (yes, that is how we spell it), being Canadian or talking to a Canadian to join us.  If you want to join us for lunch, you can sign up here:

The community zone at Summit also has community hours for regions and the Canada hour is on Friday from 1-3 pm.  Come join us in the community zone and join us in singing the Canadian Anthem or just watch as the rest of us belt it out.  As always, if you see me flag me down and chat, this is my 9th Summit and I am always happy to welcome and help those that are first-timers or veterans.

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