Microsoft Q&A (Preview) Has Launched

A few days ago, the Microsoft forum previously known as “Minerva” has launched in Preview mode. The new name for this forum is Microsoft Q&A.

In order to ensure that you are able to quickly find the right answers to your tech questions, Microsoft has chosen to move away from the community-driven platforms like MSDN and TechNet. By bringing these communities under the Microsoft Q&A platform, Microsoft is looking to increase the reliability of the answers and provide faster support for those with a support plan.

The transition to Microsoft Q&A will take time, and this soft launch is designed to allow Microsoft to gather feedback so the platform can be improved. The answers currently in MSDN and TechNet will not be ported over to Microsoft Q&A. It is felt that a clean slate is needed in order to ensure only the highest quality content makes its way onto this new platform. The content on MSDN and TechNet will still be available there till the end of 2020 in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Microsoft Q&A will be integrated with the Microsoft Docs platform. Once signed into Docs, you will have access to Q&A. This should provide consistency for all users, and because Q&A is linked to your Docs platform, Microsoft will automatically know if you have a support plan so that those questions can be prioritized.

Check it out here.

For the MVPs in the crowd, Microsoft intends to ensure that your contributions to Q&A will be automatically reported, and all your activity will be logged to your profile.

The following products and services will be supported at the time of launch, with others being added over time:

Azure Service Fabric                                         Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Dev Test Labs                                         Azure Web Apps

Azure Active Directory                                      Azure Key Vault

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication                      Azure Security Center

Universal Windows Platform                              Partner Center API

Support for other products and services will continue to be found at MSDN and TechNet until they too are moved to Q&A. Microsoft expects to be fully transitioned over by the end of 2020.

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