Machine Learning in Azure

Azure has a built-in machine learning package that will help you find patterns and trends in your data. Using these predictive analytics, you can tweak your applications to better serve your clients. It is an exciting time to be in technology!

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (ML) is a set analytical tools within Azure. It used to be that if you didn’t know the right questions to ask, you would never find the answers that are hidden in the data. When you are dealing with large amounts of data, figuring out the right question can be a process of guessing where you never really know if you have it figured out.

Now with ML in Azure, you can use cutting edge algorithms and tools to analyze your data in a variety of ways, quickly and easily. Azure ML will allow you to look at and compare a variety of analytic. The ML analysis will eek out the patterns that give rise to predicted outcomes.

Azure ML will let you quickly and easily create predictive analytic models in the cloud. Running your data through the ML tools will allow you to add the intelligence gained to your apps or websites, or it can be used to provide intelligence for your BI tools.

Azure’s ML utilizes statistical models to analyze data and look for patterns. Once patters are found, they can be used to predict future events. There are a library of ready to use algorithms that you can use to probe your data and find the secrets hiding within.

If you are not familiar with using these models, there is a step-by-step tutorial available. There is also a gallery of examples that you can peruse to learn how best to attack your data. You can simply use these samples, or build on them using python or R, in order to create your own custom ML tools.

Within the ML Studio (your work-space for Azure ML), you can simply choose from a library of sample experiments, a variety of analytic packages, and a number of Microsoft’s best algorithms. Choose what you want to use, customize it with your own python or R scripts, and find out what trends are hiding in the data. Playing with a variety of combinations is easy, so you can quickly analyse your data in a variety of ways.

In the Cortana Analytics Gallery, you can participate in the community of Azure ML Studio users. You can find solutions that others have developed, contribute your own solutions, post questions, and share links to other experiments.

You can try Azure ML for free!  Sign in here ( with your Microsoft account and you get 10 GB of storage to play with and access to scripts and predictive web services.

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