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Melody Zacharias
Regional mentor for PASS Canada

About me

I first discovered what a database is in 1991 and have had a passion for them ever since.  I started out in DB2, and I dabbled a bit with databases like MySQL and Oracle.  I eventually focused on Microsoft’s SQL Server when version 6.0 was released.  My passion for The SQL database has lead me to immerse myself in all things Data.  In 2011 I was introduced to the PASS ( Professional Association for SQL Server) community.  I found the community to be supportive and welcoming and am proud to support that community by speaking at conferences and mentoring new members. I received my MVP status in 2016, and was recently named MVP Rookie of the year for Canada.  I am a Microsoft MVP in the category of data platform.

I am the PASS Regional Mentor for Canada, a frequently requested speaker at SQL user group conferences, a SQL Pass chapter leader, and have twice (so far) been asked to speak at the Woodstock of SQL events: SQL Pass Summit.

I have worked in the Banking Industry since 2010.  By immersing myself in operations, business intelligence and data migration, I have become an expert in the field of banking software and data migration.  As a result, I have become highly sought out by banks from around the world.

My love of SQL has lead me to be proficient in system optimization.  Since SQL interacts with a variety of hardware and software, there are an incredible number of ways that even experienced SQL professionals can get it wrong.  This leads to unnecessarily slow response times and therefore, problems with every program or system that interacts with SQL.  The depth and breadth of my experience with large systems utilizing SQL has led to system optimization forming a significant part of my work.

I have extensive experience working with Wealth View, Ovation and Temenos platforms.  As a database and hardware architect I bring a wealth of overall understanding that I am able to apply to the details.  As a technology leader, my clients put their trust in me to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, accurately, and with the least amount of headaches possible.

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