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SQL Server 2019 Introduces UTF-8 Support

Microsoft in the News As part of Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability, their newest tech campus will come with a Net-Zero Water certification. This is an important feature for buildings in California. Largely due to agriculture, California uses more water than any other state. As droughts become more severe due to climate change, water is becoming […]

What is Unicode?

Microsoft in the News 2019 is starting with a lot of buzz about “intelligent retail”. More and more, companies are taking advantage of AI in the cloud to ensure their customers are getting the right experience. Everything to do with retail is being reimagined. Retailers are embracing the idea that everyone with a smartphone is […]

Making Slide Decks for Presentations

Microsoft in the News Facial recognition software is one of those things that will change the way the world works. You may have seen some sci-fi movies where someone walks into a mall and instantly, they are confronted with adds that are highly personalized, and publicly displayed. That is just the tip of the iceberg. […]

Removing a Container Service

Microsoft in the News Every time you want to undertake a project that involves many people, multiple skill sets, a variety of inputs, and the inevitable time and money constraints, you likely want to start by calling on a Project Manager.  But just because you can come up with a plan, that doesn’t mean it […]

CredSSP, “Remote Code Execution” vulnerability that impacts RDP connections

Microsoft in the News Did you know that Microsoft Stores run free Summer Camps?  At Microsoft Store locations in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, there will be 5 new free YouthSpark Summer Camp curriculums.  Each camp runs one, two, or four 2-hour sessions.  Beginning in May and running through to the end of August, […]

TDSP Lifecycle – How to Ask a Question (Part 4)

This will be the last blog post dealing with data science from a general perspective.  Today we will look at steps 6 and 7 in the DS diagram   Answer the Question Now for the fun part: machine learning!  Or not.  The reason I say “or not” is because now that you have your data […]

TDSP Lifecycle – How to Ask a Question (Part 2)

In my last blog, we looked at steps 1 and 2 in the following diagram: In this episode of the continuing saga that is data science (the general stuff, not TDSP), we will look at parts 3 and 4. Put the Data in a Table Neither you, nor an AI can work with un-structured data.  […]