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Resource Governor – Changing and Deleting a Resource Pool

Microsoft in the News Data Storage On March 21, 2018, Microsoft announced their proof of concept for the storage of data in manufactured DNA. Using a fully automated system, Microsoft was able to store the word “hello” in a manufactured DNA and retrieve it back into digital form. The rate of data production is increasing […]

Resource Governor – Getting Started

Microsoft in the News Gates Notes In case you missed it, back in December, Bill gates put out a newsletter with a list of five books he loved in 2018. They included: Educated, by Tara Westover, Army of None, by Paul Scharre, Bad Blood, by John Carreyrou, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, by Yuval […]

Resource Pool – Types

Microsoft in the News Microsoft Issues a Warning about its AI Microsoft is investing heavily in AI. In fact, investment in AI was cited in their latest public filing as one of the main reasons its operating expenses have increased by 23% for the Intelligent Cloud unit in the past six months. That is an […]