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WIT – TechGirlz

A true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your successes. Cullen Hightower My good friend Larry Arrance once said that “one of the best ways to reach your goals is to surround yourself with enthusiastic and supportive people.” Those of us who are active in the SQL community realize […]

Distributed Replay – A multi-part series. Part 2 – The Parts

Distributed Replay is a feature to help you assess the impact of future SQL Server upgrades, the impact of hardware or operating system upgrades, and for SQL Server tuning. However, the best way to look at it is that it is similar to SQL Server Profiler but is not limited to replaying the workload from […]

Achievement unlocked “Speaker”

My first time speaking was a lightening talk. I was unprepared, and nervous; it was a huge failure. I gave it up for good. Two years go by and I am at Pass Summit 2014. John Morehouse and I are talking about user groups and group leaders. We talked about passion for the community and […]

Finding backup files

Do you ever get thrown into a situation where a user needs to restore a database you have never heard of? Of course you do. That’s what happens when you are a DBA. This week a co-worker was off sick and he had been the sole person working with one of our new clients. They […]

Distributed Replay

Recently, I had the privilege to do some load testing for a client. I did some investigation into different tools that would do the job. I looked at HammerDB and Distributed Replay based on suggestions I got from #SQLHelp. My client has a very old, very specialized application. The fact that Distributed Replay (DR) is […]

Girls in Technology

This week after returning from PASS Summit in Seattle I was asked by the local Girl Guides group to come talk to the girls about my career. Since attending the WIT (Women in Technology) lunch this year at Pass Summit I have been excited to get my girls and their friends interested in technology. According […]

Summit next week! What is your plan?

The countdown is on to SQLPASS Summit 2014, the SQL Server event of the year. If you are like me then you have been resting, and planning for quite some time. For us introverts, this mega event takes all our energy and requires months of cajoling and rest for us to make our best impressions […]

Regular Expressions: How did I live without you?

Recently, I started a new position where I am writing much more SQL code than I ever have before. In the past when I had a large amount of repetitive scripting to do I would use Excel to copy, concatenate and more.  I did not have extensive knowledge but could get the job done easily […]