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As of today (July 10), the Microsoft Surface Go is available for pre-order (shipping in August).  For those of you pining for a Surface but just couldn’t justify the price, the Surface family now has a new entry point: $399.  Like the Surface Pro, the Go has a tablet that attaches to Microsoft’s cover/keyboard.

At just 1.15 pounds and 0.33 inches thin, it is very portable.  It has a ten-inch screen that supports use with the Surface Pen.  Using it in portrait mode, pages are rendered to the size of most school textbooks.  Using it in landscape mode and pages are side by side, rendered as though you were holding a paperback book.  For writing, using the Surface Pen, the screen is very close to the size of a notebook.

On the technical side, the Surface Go comes with a Surface Connect for charging and docking, a USB-C 3.1 for data, video, and charging, a headphone jack, a MicroSD card reader for storage expansion, and the keyboard has a built-in multi-function Trackpad.  The built-in camera is designed to work with Windows Hello facial recognition.  The base model comes with 64 Gigs of storage and 4 Gigs of RAM.  Microsoft expect you will get about nine hours of use from a single charge.

Windows 10 Home in S Mode is pre-loaded.  This “Streamlined” version of Windows will only allow you to download apps from the Windows Store.

Unfortunately, the base model does not come with the keyboard or the pen.

Azure Mask

I heard about an interesting extension today that I wanted to let others know about.  It is created by @_clarkio, and I heard about it from a presenter that recommended it.

With all the compliance, security and privacy regulations lately we can use all the help we can get when screen sharing or demoing content.  This extension called Azure Mask conceals sensitive data found in the azure portal when turned on.

The extension can be found easily in the Chrome web store – Azure Mask or it can be downloaded from GitHub here.   Or the Firefox download is here .The add in works for both Chrome and Firefox.

Once you select add to chrome you will be reminded of what the Azure Mask does

The choice is yours to add or not.  I appreciate the option and the notification of which sites are affected.

Once added you see this little guy in your top right menu. 

The simple toggle button gives you control on what your screen looks like.

Here is a before example

I used a black line to markout my subscription ID.  It is not difficult for print like this, but what if I am giving a demo in one of my sessions.

The after picture is fantastic.

The blending of the colour is so well done, I had to toggle the feature on and off to see how it worked.  A really great add in.  Hats off to @_clarkio for this creation.

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