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The Internet of Things (“IoT”) ranks right up there with 3D printing and AI as something that is going to transform the way we live. Today, opening a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label will activate a sensor built into the label which sends a message to you using a smartphone’s Near Field Communication technology.

That is an example of how IoT is being integrated into low-tech items. At the other end of the spectrum, modern airplanes are laced with so many IoT sensors that a Boeing 787 produces over half a terabyte of data per flight.

In an attempt to keep ahead of the curve, on April 20, Microsoft launched a new SaaS offering called Microsoft IoT Central. Microsoft recognized that the technology has advanced so quickly, it has left a vacuum in terms of skilled people who are able to take advantage of it. So, IoT Central is their attempt to simplify the management of this transformative technology.

IoT Central is, of course, built on the Azure platform and integrates with their platform-as-a-service offering, Azure IoT Suite.

If the IoT is or will be in your wheelhouse, you can sign up for updates here:

ADC – Saved search

Now that you have determined how to search and find what you need in your catalog, it would often be worthwhile to save that search. There are times when you search just a word, or write simple comparison search and you may not need to save those. When do you write a complex search or query of the data catalog, it can be helpful to save that search for use at another time. When you save your search by choosing the save button in the search panel as depicted below, it saves your entire search criteria.


The entire criteria includes any filters that were included as well as the specific operations that are listed in the search bar. Once you choose “save” you are given an opportunity to add a name to the search to make it easier to find. By default, all searches are specific to the individual who created them. Should you wish to share them with the entire company then be sure to check the share with company check box.


Once saved, the search shows up in my saved searches.


The cog symbol allows you to access the saved search menu for that search. This menu allows you to manipulate the search. You can rename, delete or save this search as your default. The save as default is a particularly handy feature for when your catalog gets quite large and you want to focus on a particular area of interest.


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