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Stay Safe Out There!

It is tax season and that means that tax themed malware is ramping up. Despite you all being tech professionals, you still need to be extra cautious. There have recently been several instances where even technically savvy people are being tricked into downloading malware. Typically, the tech professionals are succumbing to spear phishing attacks.

Microsoft can only keep you safe, but only up to a point – Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection uses machine learning to warn you of potential threats, for example – however, the human is almost always the weakest point when it comes to security. So, you need to be extra careful about what links you follow and what email attachments you choose to double click.

Malware is proliferating at an alarming rate and it is getting sophisticated enough to catch IT professionals. So, stay alert to the threat, and stay safe.

For those that have been to any of my in-person sessions over the last few months, you have likely heard me talk about Azure Data Catalog (ADC). I cannot seem to stop talking about it! I will happily tell everyone who will listen just how much I love it. I wrote my fist blog on it back in November, shortly after I had heard about it. You can find that blog at What is Data Catalog?. Since that blog I have had many people ask for more details and last week I promised an entire room full of people that I would post more about Azure’s Data Catalog. This blog will be the first in a series of quick, easy to get you started steps in setting up a Data Catalog for your organization.

To create a Data Catalog all you need to do is sign up.


The nice thing about this Get started page is that it allows you to get an Azure account as well as start with your Data Catalog, all from one page.

Once you have your account, choose Get Started and sign in (if you have not already). One of the keys to remember with Data Catalog is that the Azure account you use must be a corporate or student account and you must be the owner or co-owner of the subscription. I will get into more details on this when we get to administration of ADC.

Once you click Get started, you only need to tweak a few settings to complete the creation of your first Data Catalog.

You will need to create a name for your Catalog. Here I have called mine DemoCatalog. If you are signed in, the Subscription will auto fill for you. You only need to change it if you have multiple subscriptions and would like to use a different one. The Catalog Location is also defaulted but you should change it to the location nearest to you.



You will notice that I have only chosen the free edition options. I will cover Standard Edition in a later post. My User name and Administrator designation automatically default to the account I am logged in with. Once you have made your choices and click Create Catalog it will only take a few minutes to process and you will have created your Data Catalog.

In my next blog we will look at the auto discovery way to publish data.

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